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Appendix 3: Key events at Brook House


  1. This chronology is intended to provide a useful overview of key events that are alleged to have taken place at Brook House, and to place those events in context. It does not include every potentially relevant alleged event and does not contain any findings of fact. Any matters that have been relied upon in order to reach any of the conclusions set out within the Report are dealt with within the body of the Report.
  2. In some instances, there has been conflicting evidence as to the date on which a particular event occurred and, in those cases, efforts have been made to verify the correct date. Nonetheless, there are some instances where the date listed within this chronology is the Inquiry’s best estimate of the approximate date.

Events before the relevant period

February 2008The contracts to manage Brook House and Tinsley House immigration removal centres were awarded to Global Solutions Ltd (GSL) after a tendering process.
May 2008G4S acquired GSL, and therefore acquired the contracts to manage Brook House and Tinsley House.
March 2009Brook House was opened.
March 2010HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) conducted the first inspection of Brook House.1
2012Mr Ben Saunders was appointed as Centre Director for Brook House and Tinsley House.
2012Two High Court judgments found that two separate people detained at Brook House had been subjected to treatment in violation of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.2
March 2013Capacity at Brook House was increased from 426 to 448 beds.3
2013A survey of staff members at Brook House was conducted.4
2014Detention Custody Officer (DCO) Owen Syred said that he reported DCO Sam Gurney for racist language and then faced a backlash from colleagues.5
June 2014A ‘360 Degree Contract Review’ of the G4S contract was completed, which noted that the findings overall were positive.6
February or March 2015DCO Callum Tulley subsequently alleged that he witnessed five or six members of staff, including Detention Custody Managers (DCMs), make fun of and laugh at a naked detained person.7
May 2015Mr Stephen Skitt was appointed as Deputy Director of Brook House.8
October 2015Ms Stacie Dean, Head of Tinsley House immigration removal centre, reported allegations that DCO Luke Instone-Brewer and DCO Babatunde Fagbo had goaded a detained person.9
January 2016The BBC Panorama programme was broadcast about Medway Secure Training Centre, also managed by G4S.
DCO Callum Tulley contacted the BBC to ask for assistance in exposing the behaviour of staff towards detained people and the conditions in which detained people lived at Brook House.10
Mr Ben Saunders was seconded to Medway Secure Training Centre until July 2016. Mr Lee Hanford became Interim Director of Brook House and Tinsley House.11
March 2016DCO Callum Tulley subsequently alleged that, around this time, DCM David Roffey and DCM Graham Purnell made disparaging comments about a detained person with a known mental health condition who was naked, shivering and covered in his own excrement. Mr Tulley said that he found the detained person in the same state a couple of hours later.12
DCO Callum Tulley subsequently alleged that, around this time, DCO Jason Murphy told him that he had pushed his shield into a detained person so that the detained person’s face was pushed into his own faeces and urine.13
May 2016There was a complaint against DCO Babatunde Fagbo and DCO Luke Instone-Brewer for “poor behaviour, bullying and inappropriate behaviour”.14
October – November 2016An HMIP inspection was carried out.15
November 2016 Ms Stacie Dean raised a grievance about staff bullying, under-reporting of incidents and other matters.16
March 2017The 2016 HMIP inspection report was published. It recorded that overall it “was an encouraging inspection”. The major concern raised was the physical environment in which detained people were held.17
Spring 2017DCO Owen Syred subsequently alleged that he saw DCO Derek Murphy punch a detained person around this time.18
28 March 2017Force was used against D1234. D1234’s subsequent complaint about the use of force was found by the Home Office Professional Standards Unit (PSU) to be unsubstantiated.19

Events during the relevant period

5 April 2017Force was used against D2159, who had been refusing food and fluids, and Healthcare staff had raised serious concerns over his condition.20
11 April 2017Force was used against D2416, who was naked throughout the incident.21
20 April 2017DCO Callum Tulley noted that DCO Ioannis (Yan) Paschali said about a detained person: “don’t care if he lives or died” (or words to that effect) and said things like: “would like to fucking do him”.22
21 and 22 April 2017DCO Shayne Munroe and DCO Babatunde Fagbo used abusive language against D119 in two separate incidents.23Mr Fagbo called D119 a “dickhead” or a “fucking dickhead” and used other derogatory language towards him, such as saying: “I get to go home and you are stuck here.”24 Ms Munroe said something along the lines of “fuck you” or “fuck off” or “shut the fuck up” in response to abusive comments from D119.25
24 April 2017DCO Callum Tulley’s first day of covert filming.26
DCO Kalvin Sanders was on constant supervision of D1527 between 15:40 and 17:42 and between 18:30 and 20:45. Footage covertly recorded on 4 and 8 May 2017 showed Mr Sanders describing and demonstrating how on 24 April he had bent D1527’s fingers back to prevent D1527 from self-harming, and how he had banged D1527’s head on the table.
25 April 2017D1527 became subject to Rule 40 (removal from association) after jumping on D Wing netting. He self- harmed by banging his head against a door and attempted to strangulate himself and swallow a mobile phone battery. Two separate uses of force took place. DCO Ioannis (Yan) Paschali placed his hands around D1527’s neck and verbally threatened him.27
27 April 2017Force was used against D191, which led to a complaint. None of the complaint allegations were found by the PSU to be substantiated.
28 April 2017Force was used against D2559.
29 April 2017DCO Daniel Small described losing “his rag” with “an Indian bloke”, and said: “you’re in fucking England, speak English”.28
4 May 2017D1527 climbed onto the safety netting and other detained people sang the lyrics from ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. DCO Clayton Fraser stated that the best way to deal with such detained people was to do “what Yan did” (see entry above for 25 April 2017).29
Force was used against D1527 to move him to E Wing under Rule 40 for jumping onto the safety netting. During the use of force, D1527 tried to swallow a mobile phone battery.30
DCO Kalvin Sanders told colleagues that on 24 April 2017 he bent D1527’s fingers back and banged his head against a table while D1527 was under constant supervision. DCO Aaron Stokes said the best way to deal with D1527 was to “Turn away and hopefully he’s swinging”.31 Mr Stokes also said to DCO Callum Tulley about D1527: “Did you not have the urge to just punch him in his face as he’s gone up and ‘bang’.”32
8 May 2017DCO Kalvin Sanders demonstrated how he banged D1527’s head on the table and twisted his fingers, stating: “if you’re self-harming, you’re an attention seeking little prick”.33
9 May 2017DCO Derek Murphy and DCO Ioannis (Yan) Paschali had a conversation about D87 in the presence of DCO Callum Tulley. Mr Paschali said: “I’d love to get in the ring with him. Put the gloves on and see what he’s fucking made of. I would love to … He’s just got some shoulders and a bit of height. Fucking crack him straight in the ribs.” Mr Murphy replied: “Straight in the solar”.34
13 May 2017Force was used against D687 after he was found in a toilet with a ligature around his neck. He subsequently complained to the PSU, which found his allegations to be unsubstantiated.35
A medical response was called to D232 after he experienced a reaction to the new psychoactive substance ‘spice’. He was escorted to E Wing for monitoring and it was later reported that he smoked spice again while on E Wing.36
D1667 suffered a seizure after smoking spice and was taken to E Wing for monitoring. A medical response was called as it transpired he had smoked spice again while on E Wing.37
17 May 2017D275 climbed onto the safety netting to protest. DCO John Connolly suggested using violence and racist language towards him, telling officers that they should say to him: “listen here nigger. Listen to me. Do what you are told, nigger”, and, gesturing to the staircase, “That’s our justification. We fucking throw him in that corner” and “Fuck him up in the corner” and “Throw him down the fucking stairs. Go for it.”38
22 May 2017Force was used against D52.39
23 May 2017Force was used against D1978 to relocate him to the Care and Separation Unit (CSU).40
27 May 2017Force was used to move D1914 to E Wing subject to Rule 40. D1914 was deemed fit to fly and fit for detention.41
28 May 2017In discussions about a planned use of force against D1914 on 28 May 2017, several staff members made derogatory comments about him. After discussion of D1914’s medical history, including the fact that he was scheduled to undergo heart bypass surgery, DCO Daniel Lake speculated that D1914 may fake having a heart attack and said, laughing, “If he dies, he dies.”42 When DCO Callum Tulley said that he was nervous about the use of force, DCO Ioannis (Yan) Paschali responded: “Oh relax man, you will be fine” and DCO David Webb added: “If he dies, he dies” and “It’s nothing on us.”43 Mr Webb also referred to D1914 as a “cunt”.44
31 May 2017Force was used to move D149 to the CSU under Rule 40. The following day, DCO David Webb said that he hurt D149 during the restraint.45
DCO Daniel Small discussed not wanting to go to Cleveland, USA, because there were “too many blacks”.46
DCO Ioannis (Yan) Paschali discussed with DCO Callum Tulley that if a detained person went up to him “just fucking floor him. Don’t restrain him give him the hardest kick you fucking can.”47
May 2017The Independent Monitoring Board at Brook House (Brook House IMB) published its 2016 annual report.48
2 June 2017DCO Edmund Fiddy described a detained person as an “absolute poofter”.49
3 June 2017Force was used against D1538 and he was placed on E Wing subject to Rule 40. D1538 subsequently complained and his complaint was found by the PSU to be unsubstantiated.50
5 June 2017Force was used against D390 who indicated that he would refuse to be transferred to Harmondsworth immigration removal centre. His cell mate, D1851, also had force used against him.51
6 June 2017Force was used against D1538, who was placed on E Wing.52
10 June 2017There was an incident during which D2953 alleged that DCO Derek Murphy hit him hard on the left thigh, leaving a bruise. D2953 subsequently complained and his complaint was found by the PSU to be substantiated.53
11 June 2017There was an incident during which D2953 alleged that DCO Derek Murphy punched him on his left side (in his kidney area). D2953 subsequently complained and his complaint was found by the PSU to be substantiated.54
14 June 2017D1275 had a severe response to spice. DCM Nathan Ring and DCO Derek Murphy made derogatory comments about D1275.
DCO Daniel Small was recorded, on the day of the Grenfell Tower fire, saying that it was “12 foreigners” who had been reported dead at that point. DCO Callum Tulley noted that Mr Small had also said: “oh well, that’s … a few less foreigners in England”.55
DCO Derek Murphy said to D149: “stop fucking about … I don’t want to come back in this room again. You will be in trouble.” Mr Murphy told another detained person that he looked “like a fucking mong”.56
15 June 2017Force was used against D313. DCO Sean Sayers failed to complete a Use of Force report. Mr Sayers later said that he “accidentally” fell on D313 and used D313’s face to get up off the bed.57
D159 suffered a severe response to spice, leading to an ambulance being called.58 There were a total of four medical responses to spice attacks that day, three of which took place simultaneously.59
16 June 2017An incident occurred during which D2953 alleged that DCO Derek Murphy punched him on the left side of his head. D2953 complained and his complaint was later found by the PSU to be substantiated.60
19 June 2017DCO Sean Sayers told D720 he was “going to skull fuck you like the little bitch you are”, and called him a “cunt” and a “fucking dick”.61
DCO Darren Tomsett described D693 as a “horrible bastard”. On the same day, he recounted to DCO Callum Tulley that he had said to D693: “You throw the first one, and I’ll fucking put you out of your misery. If you throw the first one, I’ll fucking put you out of this office. So, it’s up to you mate. Stinking attitude.”62
20 June 2017D1747 alleged that DCO Derek Murphy pushed and verbally abused him. D1747 made a complaint, which was found by the PSU to be unsubstantiated.63
DCM Nathan Harris described how people being deported should be treated, including “masking tape, bag ’em” and “we should just go back to putting them to sleep mate”.64
23 June 2017D2953 made a written complaint about assaults by a staff member (later identified as DCO Derek Murphy) and about treatment by Healthcare staff.65 This complaint was not allocated to the PSU by the Home Office and only ended up being investigated around three months later.
28 June 2017D1538 alleged that DCO Darren Tomsett had made homophobic comments to him. He made a complaint, which was found by the PSU to be unsubstantiated.66
Force was used against D2054 while he was naked and awaiting an urgent mental health assessment. He made a complaint which alleged that he self-harmed that day and was bleeding heavily from the wounds, which were not treated properly. He also alleged that, during the use of force, he hit his head and was unconscious, and the force continued regardless. The PSU found his complaints to be unsubstantiated.67
30 June 2017Force was used against D87. D87 subsequently made a complaint, which the PSU found to be unsubstantiated.
4 July 2017D865 put a ligature around his neck to hang himself. DCM Christopher Donnelly did not initially observe the ligature around D865’s neck and did not remove it until prompted by DCO Callum Tulley. A G4S disciplinary hearing was held subsequently, which led to Mr Donnelly being issued with a written warning.68
6 July 2017D728 climbed onto the safety netting and placed a ligature around his neck. He became subject to Rule 40 and was placed under constant supervision under Assessment Care in Detention and Teamwork measures.69 DCO Charles Francis, DCO Aaron Stokes and DCM Stephen Webb made inappropriate comments to D728.70
13 August 2017DCO Derek Murphy discussed a detained person who he described as a “fucking arsehole” and said he told them: “If you don’t clean it up within the hour, I’m going to come and smash the fucking shit out of you and you ain’t doing no flying.”71
25 August 2017DCO Babatunde Fagbo was dismissed for abusive language directed at a detained person.72

Events after the relevant period

September 2017The Home Office agreed to extend G4S’s contract until May 2020.73
4 September 2017The BBC Panorama programme about Brook House was broadcast.
22 September 2017DCO Shayne Munroe was summarily dismissed for conduct occurring in April 2017.74
May 2018Brook House IMB published its 2017 annual report.75
November 2018Ms (now Baroness) Kate Lampard and Mr Ed Marsden’s report for external investigations company, Verita, was published (the 2018 Verita report).76
20 May – 7 June 2019HMIP carried out an inspection of Brook House.
July 2019HMIP published its 2019 inspection report.77
May 2020Serco Group PLC took over the management of Brook House from G4S.
1 September 2021Practice Plus Group took over the management of Healthcare at Brook House from G4S Health Services.78
November – December 2021Brook House Inquiry Phase 1 hearings.
February – April 2022Brook House Inquiry Phase 2 hearings.
30 May – 16 June 2022HMIP carried out an inspection of Brook House.
23 September 2022HMIP published its 2022 inspection report.
September 2023The Brook House Inquiry Report is published.


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