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  1. D1618 was born in Afghanistan.1 He told the Inquiry that, while living there, he was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.2 After this, he left Afghanistan and arrived in the UK in 2014 to join his father, a British citizen, and to claim asylum. He was detained at Brook House from May 2017 to November 2017.3
  2. When D1618 arrived at Brook House, he found that the cell he was allocated was dirty.4 He struggled with the lack of privacy, the smells and hygiene, and he felt unsafe, witnessing violence, fighting and drug use.5 He said:

“Brook House was not a good place, it was very dirty and unsafe … it was a violent place where I frequently felt that I was in danger.”6

  1. D1618 told the Inquiry that he had never been to prison and was frightened to be detained with people who had spent time in custody:

“Everyone was mixed together and we didn’t even know who the dangerous criminals were. This made me very scared as I did not know who to be wary of.”7

  1. In respect of how he was treated by staff at Brook House, he said: “They were not helping me … if I need anything, they were ignoring me.8 He lodged over 20 complaints about the facilities, access to cleaning products, and staff, but says he did not receive any response.9
  2. During a removal attempt, he was put in restraints that cut into his hands and caused bleeding, and he felt scared and in pain.10 He was taken to hospital as a result of his injuries.11
  1. D1618 was released from detention on bail in November 2017 and granted refugee status in 2020.12 Since leaving Brook House, he has been diagnosed with PTSD:13

Whilst my immigration status has been resolved, my poor mental health has continued. I believe that my experiences in Brook House IRC [immigration removal centre] are a significant factor in my poor mental health.14


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