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Relevant expert evidence

  1. The Inquiry’s use of force expert, Mr Jonathan Collier, was critical of how the incident on 5 June 2017 was managed. In his first report to the Inquiry, he said that Mr Povey-Meier should have attempted to engage with D390 face to face rather than authorising the use of force with no opportunity to comply.1 In the circumstances, Mr Collier did not consider that force was used against D390 as a last resort.2 He also considered that the holds used on D390 once he was outside the cell were disproportionate, given his calm demeanour.1 In respect of D1851, Mr Collier noted:

“Any force used must be recorded, including the force described. The staff would have to justify their decision against the risk presented by D1851. Without any documents there is no evidence to form an opinion on the general principles being applied and whether the force was justifiable.” 3


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