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  1. D1914 is a Romanian national.1 He arrived in the UK as an EU citizen in 2009.2 In 2016, he was diagnosed with a heart condition, which has caused him several serious health issues.3 D1914 was detained at Brook House from March to August 2017.4 A deportation order was made in April 2017, as a result of D1914’s foreign convictions.5 Some of D1914’s experiences at Brook House were filmed and shown on the Panorama programme.
  2. During D1914’s detention at Brook House, he was admitted to hospital three times for his physical health and on one occasion for his mental health. Doctors deemed him fit for detention in May 2017.6 D1914 said:

“My time at Brook House affected me mentally and physically – it caused me distress, stress and anxiety which I believe in turn worsened my heart condition.”7

  1. Prior to an attempted removal, force was used on D1914 to move him to E Wing. He recalled:

“I was shouting and howling in pain – I was struggling to breathe, I thought I might be dying. The pain in my chest was very severe. That moment, I felt I was looking at death.”8

  1. D1914 said that, in July 2017, he attempted suicide after hearing that a judge had refused his bail application and found that he was fit for detention. He had never tried to harm himself before being detained at Brook House but felt that his “experiences there are what drove me to try to take my own life”.9
  2. D1914 was released from Brook House in August 2017 due to his health condition.10 After his release, his relationship with his long-term partner broke down, due to the stress his detention had placed on the relationship. He lost contact with his children, became homeless and has continued to suffer with ill health.11

“My time in detention in Brook House IRC broke my life. I cannot believe the state I have been reduced to.”12

In June 2018, D1914 was told that his appeal against his deportation order had been successful.13


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