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Submissions from Core Participants

  1. The Inquiry’s Core Participants submitted Closing Statements about the findings that I am permitted to make in relation to Article 3.1 I have considered and been assisted by them all.
  2. There were two viewpoints.

6.1 The first was argued by Deighton Pierce Glynn, solicitors representing D687 and Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group.2 In summary, they suggested that there is no prohibition preventing the Inquiry from making findings that treatment, conduct, omissions and/or conditions at Brook House were “contrary to Article 3” (which is a phrase used in the Terms of Reference set by the Home Secretary) or “amounted” to a breach of Article 3.3

6.2 In contrast, the Home Office and G4S argued that factual findings must be distinguished from legal findings. G4S stated:

“the Inquiry is prohibited from making substantive findings that any party has breached Article 3 ECHR or that any person has been subject to treatment in breach of Article 3 ECHR – or words to the equivalent effect that constitute, in substance, such a finding (e.g. that a person suffered inhuman or degrading treatment – as these are legal terms of art within the rubric of Article 3)”.4

The Home Office acknowledged that the words “inhuman” and “degrading” may be used, not in the legal sense, but only in a “non-technical” and “non-legal sense”.5 Deighton Pierce Glynn, the Home Office and G4S relied on findings made in previous inquiries and on the case law in relation to inquests.6


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