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The Panorama programme and its aftermath

  1. The Panorama programme was broadcast on 4 September 2017. Shortly before the broadcast, the BBC made G4S aware of the matters the programme would cover, the specific allegations made, and the names of the staff who would be featured.1 Mr Petherick responded, confirming that he had referred the allegations to local police and safeguarding agencies, and started an internal investigation.2 He also shared the letter with the Home Office.3
  2. The Inquiry heard that nine DCOs had their certification revoked by the Home Office prior to the broadcast (meaning that they could no longer work in that role), with three more losing their certification afterwards.4 Eleven members of staff involved in the incidents shown on the Panorama programme were dismissed or left G4S soon after, followed by three further resignations.5 G4S commissioned an internal investigation and engaged Verita, an external company, to investigate and report (producing the 2018 Verita report).6
  3. On 25 September 2017, Mr Hanford became Interim Director of Brook House, after the departure of Mr Saunders following a settlement agreement with G4S.7 The change of director was part of a “recovery plan” or “action plan” put in place by Mr Petherick and agreed by the Home Office.8 The action plan contained 71 actions that G4S was to undertake and report on to the Home Office, across six areas: staff recruitment and retention; training and development; the management structure; reporting and governance; drug strategy; and detained people’s experience and environment.9


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