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  1. D1275 is an Iranian national who entered the UK in November 2012.1 His initial asylum claim was unsuccessful and subsequent appeals were refused.2From August to December 2015, he served a prison sentence.3 While in prison, his mental health deteriorated.4 From December 2015 to July 2016 and from October 2016 to June 2018, D1275 was detained in immigration detention.5 He was detained at Brook House for 422 days and also spent significant periods in other immigration removal centres.6
  2. While in detention, he presented with “serious and untreated mental health issues”,7 including exhibiting bizarre behaviour, hearing voices, and experiencing feelings of paranoia and hallucinations.8 In March 2018, a doctor compiled a report suggesting that D1275’s detention was perpetuating his mental health disorder, as he could not receive the support he needed.9 Following meetings with two psychiatrists, who said that D1275 “presents as vulnerable” and recommended that a “‘full capacity’ assessment be undertaken”, tests were carried out that indicated that D1275 had a learning disability.10An Advocacy Coordinator with Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group met D1275 and recorded that he was “unaware he was detained. Unaware he was in England”.11
  3. His solicitor told the Inquiry that, while at Brook House, D1275 was bullied.12 He was used by other detained people as a guinea pig to test drugs that were brought in.13 A medical emergency following D1275’s use of a new psychoactive substance known as ‘spice’ in June 2017 was captured on film and broadcast on the Panorama programme.14 A Security Information Report (regarding information relevant to the safety and security of the immigration detention estate) noted the use of D1275 by others as a guinea pig “to try out the drugs that are trafficked in”, and assessed that “it appears other officers have witnessed him being mistreated but have not reported it”.15
  4. D1275’s solicitor told the Inquiry that, after the Panorama programme was broadcast, D1275 spent a further 295 days in Brook House.16 He was released from immigration detention to asylum support accommodation in June 2018 without any support arrangements being in place.17 In August 2018, he was sectioned for treatment under section 3 of the Mental Health Act 1983, until December 2018.18 In 2019, D1275 was granted discretionary leave to remain in the UK.19


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