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  1. During the course of its work, the Inquiry received evidence of the use of highly abusive and derogatory language, including racist abuse. In writing this Report, I have at times quoted this language, where it was appropriate to accurately convey the reality faced by detained people at Brook House. Some readers may find this content upsetting.
  2. A glossary of terms and abbreviations used in this Report are set out in Appendix 5 in Volume III, although some key terms are highlighted below to assist the reader.

37.1 Detained people: In this Report I refer to those who were detained at Brook House as detained people or derivations of that term, which was largely used by the legal representatives of the detained people who are Core Participants. I consider that this terminology confers greater dignity than other possible terms, such as ‘detainee’. There will, however, be occasions where the word ‘detainee’ will be found in this Report, typically when it has been sourced or quoted from elsewhere. I have not used the term ‘residents’ to refer to detained people, notwithstanding that this was the term used by some Home Office and staff at Brook House in their evidence to the Inquiry, because I do not consider that this term accurately conveys the status and experience of detained people at Brook House. When referring to a particular detained person, the Report uses the cipher assigned to them by the Inquiry.

37.2 Relevant period: As set out in the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference, the Inquiry considered decisions, actions and circumstances surrounding the mistreatment of detained people at Brook House during the period 1 April 2017 to 31 August 2017.

37.3 Immigration detention estate: This term is used to refer to all immigration removal detention facilities, including IRCs

37.4 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): This is described in Prison Service Order 1600: Use of Force as:

● Short shield / mini shield (may be carried by the number 1)





Flame retardant overalls (if required)”.1

37.5 Cells: Throughout this Report, I refer to the spaces in which detained people were accommodated as ‘cells’ rather than ‘rooms’. I consider that this term more accurately reflects the reality of the space in which detained people were accommodated.2)

37.6 G4S: G4S Care and Justice Services (UK) Ltd managed Brook House between 2008 and 2020, including during the relevant period. All references to ‘G4S’ in this Report are to G4S Care and Justice Services (UK) Ltd, unless otherwise indicated. Its 2008 contract with the Home Office (which was originally awarded to another service provider) was in force during the relevant period and subsequently extended in 2018, and is referred to as ‘the G4S contract’.

37.7 Serco: Serco Group PLC (referred to as ‘Serco’ in this Report) took over the management of Brook House in May 2020 under a contract dated February 2020 (referred to as ‘the Serco contract’).

37.8 Healthcare: Healthcare services at Brook House were contracted separately by G4S Health Services (UK) Ltd (referred to in this Report as ‘G4S Health Services’) from September 2014 until 31 August 2021 and then by Practice Plus Group from September 2021. GP services were subcontracted to Doctor PA Ltd during the relevant period and as at January 2023. These services are referred to collectively in this Report as ‘Healthcare’.

37.9 Gatwick IRCs: Brook House and Tinsley House (another IRC nearby, opened in 1996) are referred to collectively as Gatwick IRCs.

37.10 ‘Mistreatment’: I have made findings relating to ‘mistreatment’ in relation to specific incidents in Part C. Here, I have applied the definition as provided for in the Terms of Reference, that is, “contrary to Article 3 ECHR, namely torture, inhuman or degrading treatment, or punishment”.3

  1. In general, individuals are referred to in this Report by the title that they had during the time period being discussed. However, to aid the reader, individuals who were DCOs or Detention Custody Managers (DCMs) at Brook House during the relevant period are referred to initially by that title, even if they no longer hold that position.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, images contained in this Report were taken from video footage submitted as evidence to the Inquiry. They include images taken from handheld video cameras used by staff during use of force incidents, and from the covert filming undertaken by Mr Tulley. Some images have been blurred to prevent identification or as otherwise appropriate.
  3. In the footnotes of this Report, references such as ‘HMIP000613’ and ‘CJS001506’ are to documents that have been published on the Inquiry website. A reference such as ‘Mohammed Khan 24 March 2022 5/6-10’ is to evidence heard during the Inquiry, specifically to the witness, the date they gave evidence, and the page and line references within the relevant transcript (which is also available on the Inquiry website) – in this example, Mr Mohammed Khan on 24 March 2022, page 5, lines 6 to 10.


  1. Prison Service Order 1600: Use of Force (INQ000185), HM Prison Service, August 2005, p39[]
  2. D1851 3 December 2021 69/22-70/1. This language was used occasionally by G4S (see CJS0074041_035 para 176) and is the language used by HMIP (see HMIP000613_027 and HMIP000674_005[]
  3. Purpose, Terms of Reference, Brook House Inquiry; European Convention on Human Rights, Article 3[]