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List of figures

Volume 1

Figure 1: Aerial view of Brook House, Gatwick Airport and the surrounding area

Figure 2: People entering immigration detention in the UK, year ending March 2014 to year ending March 2023

Figure 3: Generic floor plans of Brook House

Figure 4: The G4S management structure at Brook House in August 2017

Figure 5: Mr Murphy wearing a balaclava during the restraint of D1234

Figure 6: D1234 being restrained on the floor with his hands handcuffed behind his back

Figure 7: G4S officers carrying D1234 into Detainee Discharge

Figure 8: D2416 walking compliantly with Mr Timms and Mr Shadbolt controlling his arms, and Mr Wright walking ahead

Figure 9: Mr Stokes demonstrating how Mr Sanders might have punched D1527 in the face

Figure 10: Mr Loughton removing the ligature from around D1527’s neck

Figure 11: Mr Paschali applying pressure to D1527’s neck

Figure 12: D687 in the accessible toilet with a ligature around his neck

Figure 13: D1914 sitting on his bed being held by Mr Paschali and Mr Webb, and attended to by Healthcare

Figure 14: Officers restraining D1914 on the floor as handcuffs are applied behind his back

Figure 15: Officers restraining D1914 on the floor following the application of handcuffs

Figure 16: Officers approaching D149’s cell

Figure 17: D149 leaving his cell

Figure 18: D149 struggling against the restraint

Figure 19: The handcuff position on D149

Figure 20: Mr Povey-Meier looking through the viewing panel

Figure 21: Mr Bromley, Mr Shadbolt and Mr Sayers pinning D390, and D1851 sitting on his bed with his hands up

Figure 22: Mr Fiddy and D1538 grappling in the IT suite

Figure 23: Mr Farrell’s first restraint of D1538’s head

Figure 24: D865 unresponsive on the floor of the cell as Mr Donnelly removes the ligature from his neck

Figure 25: D1275 on the ground of the courtyard being attended to by ‘Mark’

Figure 26: D2054 being restrained by three officers while another applies handcuffs behind his back

Figure 27: D2054 being taken to Reception under restraint

Figure 28: Toilet tissue blocking the constant observation panel

Volume 2

Figure 29: Aerial view of Brook House

Figure 30: Safety netting at Brook House

Figure 31:Cell at Brook House

Figure 32: E Wing and entrance to CSU

Figure 33: Use of force involving D1914