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Inquiry Progress Update

The Inquiry continues to work towards the second phase of public hearings, which are due to commence in February 2022.


The Inquiry continues to prioritise the disclosure of documents to Core Participants. Since November 2021, the Inquiry has disclosed 1,527 documents, comprising of 20,516 pages of material. This means that in total, the Inquiry has disclosed 7,115 documents, comprising of 71,449 pages of material to Core Participants.


The Inquiry has disclosed the initial expert reports of Dr Hard, Professor Bosworth and Mr Collier to Core Participants. Dr Hard and Professor Bosworth have also prepared supplementary reports which will be disclosed to Core Participant’s shortly. Mr Collier’s supplementary report will be disclosed in the coming weeks. All three experts will give live evidence in the Inquiry’s upcoming hearing.

Core Participants

The Chair received an application for Core Participant status from an individual who was formerly detained at Brook House, which she has granted. The Chair has also been notified that a formerly detained individual no longer wished to continue as a Core Participant and therefore she has de-designated them. Both determinations are available on the Inquiry’s document library page.


The Inquiry hearings are due to resume from 21 February 2022 and are likely to last for up to six weeks.

Hearings will be held at the Inquiry’s premises within the International Dispute Resolution Centre in London. It will be possible to attend in-person and follow remotely, via the Inquiry’s YouTube channel. Hearings will run Monday-Thursday from 10:00-16:30 and sit from 10:00-14:00 on Fridays.

Further details about the upcoming hearings, including the timetable and information on attendance will be made available on the hearings page of the Inquiry’s website.