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Inquiry Progress Update

The Inquiry continues to work towards public hearings, commencing in November 2021.

New Core Participants

The Chair received three new applications for Core Participant status in September 2021. One application was from an individual who worked at Brook House and the other two were from individuals who were detained there during the relevant period. The Chair has considered these applications and granted Core Participant status. A copy of the Chair’s determinations and an updated list of Core Participants can be viewed here.

Witness Statements

Since our update on 30 July 2021, the Inquiry has requested witness statements from senior management staff of G4S and several more formerly detained persons who have recently been identified as having potentially relevant information to provide to the Inquiry. These latest requests mean that the Inquiry has sought statements from a large number of individuals and corporate witnesses including formerly detained individuals, Brook House staff, G4S, Home Office and Non-Governmental Organisations.

Disclosure and Evidence

The Inquiry is continuing the process of reviewing, assessing relevance, and applying appropriate redactions to documents that is in accordance with the Inquiry’s redaction protocol. The Inquiry is making disclosure to Core Participants on a regular basis and to date has disclosed over 40,000 pages of material to Core Participants. The Inquiry has also disclosed key unbroadcast BBC video footage to Core Participants and is transcribing the remainder of the relevant footage for disclosure to Core Participants. The Inquiry has also received body worn camera and CCTV footage from G4S and is in the process of reviewing this material.


It remains the Inquiry’s intention to commence public hearings on 23 November 2021. Hearings will be held at the Inquiry’s new premises within the International Dispute Resolution Centre, near St Paul’s Cathedral. It is intended that the hearings will include opening statements from Counsel to the Inquiry and Core Participants. Evidence will be heard from some formerly detained individuals and Non-Governmental Organisations.