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Day 35 Hearing – PM Session

2:00 pm

This session will continue to hear evidence from Ben Saunders, former Brook House Staff.

This will be an in-person hearing and will also be streamed live on the Brook House Inquiry YouTube Channel.


Brook House Inquiry Day 35 Transcript
VER000266_022 Independent Investigation into Brook House - Interview with Lee Hanford (Interim Director) – 27 NOV 2017
VER000226_008,009,020,038 Independent Investigation into Brook House, amended transcript of Interview with Ben Saunders, Former Director of Brook House – 13 JUN 2018
INQ000172_003 First Witness Statement of Stacie Dean (YCS- formerly at G4S) – 15 MAR 2022
INQ000010_006-007 Medway Improvement Board - Final Report of the Board's Advice to Secretary of State for Justice – 30 MAR 2016
CJS003348_025,026 HO investigation report into the circumstances surrounding an allegation of assault made against DCOs by D1538 – 30 JAN 2018
CJS000768_001,005,011 G4S Brook House IRC's 360 Degree Contract Review – 24 JUN 2014
CJS000625_001 Brook House Safer Community Report for July 2017 – undated
CJS000585 G4S Gatwick IRCs Self-Harm Incident Report – 31 JUL 2017
CJS000555 G4S Gatwick IRCs SMT Meeting Minutes – 09 FEB 2017
CJS000492 Gatwick IRCs SMT Meeting Minutes – 28 FEB 2017
DL0000141_032 - Witness Statement of Rev Nathan Ward - 10 NOV 21
INQ000052_042 - Witness Statement of Callum Tulley - 15 NOV 21
INN000007 - Owen Syred Written Statement - 16 NOV 2021
HOM000921_001-002,005-009 - Performance Evaluation re Home Office and GSL
SER000453 Witness Statement of Daniel Haughton – 02 MAR 2022
SER000455 - Witness Statement of Stephen Skitt - 04 MAR 22
HOM0332152 Second Witness Statement of Paul Gasson – 08 MAR 2022
CJS000676_007, 011 Detention Services Order – JUL 2017