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Day 31 Hearing – PM Session

2:00 pm

This session will hear evidence from Paul Gasson and Vanessa Smith, members of Home Office staff.

This will be an in-person hearing and will also be streamed live on the Brook House Inquiry YouTube Channel.


Brook House Inquiry Day 31 Transcript
CJS001616 - Details of a Detainee Complaint - 05 JUL 2017
CJS000524 G4S Gatwick IRCs Yearly Target and Activity Report and Nationality Breakdown of Detainee's at Brook House – APR 2017 to NOV 2017
CJS006380_012 G4S Gatwick IRCs Policy Document on Suicide Prevention & Self-Harm Management – SEPT 2016
CJS0073634_001Chronology of matters related to David Waldock , extracts from investigation report – 25 JAN 2017 to 07 APR 2019
DPG000021_001,062-063 First Witness Statement of D687 – 16 FEB 2022
HOM000798_001, 079-080, 084-086, 146, 148 Brook House Operational Specifications (Schedule D) – Undated
HOM000916_001,126 Schedule D - Operational Specification from contract between Home Office and GSL UK LTD – undated
HOM000921_001-002,005-009 - Performance Evaluation re Home Office and GSL
HOM002501_001 Witness Statement of Vanessa Smith, Engagement Officer, regarding an ACDT concerning D687 – undated
HOM002505_001-002 Summary of Interview with Vanessa Smith, Engagement Officer at Brook House, regarding mental health of D687 and training and procedure on ACDTs – 24 JAN 2018
HOM005901_001,003-005,007-008 Investigation into the inappropriate behaviour and language used by C&R instructors during ITC training at Brook House IRC – 28 FEB 2018
HOM005909_001 Formal Disciplinary Hearing Minutes for Vanessa Smith – 24 APR 2018
HOM0332004 Witness Statement of Paul Gasson (Immigration Manager) – 09 NOV 2021
HOM0332141 Brook House Inquiry - Witness Statement of Vanessa Smith – 03 MAR 2022
HOM0332152 Second Witness Statement of Paul Gasson – 08 MAR 2022
INQ000011_001,008 The Home Offices management of its contract with G4S to run Brook House IRC Memorandum from the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee – JUL 2019
VER000061_001,004-006 Letter from D Waldock (Brook House Staff) to Ashely Almanza (G4S CEO) regarding allegations of bullying by staff at Brook House and Home Office – 15 APR 2017
VER000226_001,011,012,020 Independent Investigation into Brook House, Interview with Ben Saunders, Former Director of Brook House – 13 JUN 2018
VER000250_001,016 Independent Investigation into Brook House - Interview with Dave Roffey (DCM) - 25 JUL 2018
VER000256_001,009 Independent Investigation into Brook House - Interview with Paul Gasson (Portfolio Management Escorting and Training Programme) - 22 JAN 2018
HOM032193_001 GCID case record sheet for D687 pre-departure pilot induction – 20 JUN 2017